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Wison Introduces the Largest SPB Tank to the World
Release time:2023-08-11

A significant announcement has been proudly made by Wison Offshore & Marine (“WOM”) to the public lately as its Nantong yard successfully completed the final grand assembly of the world's largest Self-supporting Prismatic Shape IMO Type B Tank (“SPB”) for storing liquefied natural gas (“LNG”). With storage capacity of 47,000 m3, this tank stands as the largest single product ever designed and built using SPB technology since its debut in the 1980s. This accomplishment also hits a record of the first successful engineering application of the technology in China. It is said that WOM will deliver this “new-born” SPB tank into their large Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (“FLNG”) facility under construction.

Through nearly a decade of unremitting efforts, WOM has gradually completed the development and certification of a localized low-carbon supply chain for SPB technology, master planning and construction of specialized production line facilities and automation equipment, R&D and qualification of manufacturing process, as well as development and application of supporting digital systems. Further than that, WOM has concluded smooth commissioning of these facilities and assembly lines by March 2023. At the end of July 2023, the completion of final assembly of the world's largest Al-alloy SPB cargo tank was witnessed in WOM Nantong yard.

It is reported that based on its diversified and localized product supporting ecological chain, WOM has conquered the technology & know-how for mass production of Al-alloy structures consisting of medium-thick plates and components. In the meantime, by leveraging various automatic welding techniques, the construction period of the first tank has been compressed by over 50% than that of its foreign peers, with its cost optimized to a level equivalent to that of its major competitors. Apparently, LNG players now have an alternative and attractive dish in the menu to satisfy their appetites.

About Wison Offshore & Marine

Wison Offshore & Marine, a leading provider of clean energy technology service and solutions, is committed to providing the energy industry with highly integrated EPCIC solutions, including floating LNG facilities, modularized LNG plant, floating gas-to-power facilities, floating wind power and other clean energy solutions. Based on a track-record of successful project delivery, the experienced Wison team applies its expertise in technical innovation and two world-class shipyards to provide EPC services that meet the highest international quality and safety standards.


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