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Wison New Energy's First SPB Tank Lifting Operation was Successfully Completed!
Release time:2024-03-07

On March 2nd , 2024, witnessed by Eni, Wison New Energies ("WNE"), and 3rd party partners, the first SPB tank of the Marine XII Offshore FLNG project  (Congo FLNG) was smoothly hoisted into hull cargo hold space at WNE Nantong yard!

Mr. Corrado Rota, Eni Execution Manager, Mr. Andrea Pigozzo, Eni Yard Manager  and Mr. Zhang Wenlu, WNE Senior Vice President, led both teams to witness this important milestone of the project!

At 9:58 a.m., following the cannon ignition, the SPB tank hoisting operation officially started. The SPB tank, designed and constructed by WNE, is the world's largest SPB tank. Its construction started in February 2023, with the upper and lower bodies of the tank closed in July, and completed overall installation on March 2, 2024. It is the core equipment of the Eni Congo LNG project. The entire tank is 45 meters long, 44.9 meters wide, with a main body height of 24 meters and a total height of over 31 meters. The tank has a volume of 45,000 cubic meters, with a total weight exceeding 1,400 tons, making it the highest and largest independent lifting component in the entire project.

WNE SPB Tank Manager, Mr. Zeng Xiaogang, stated: "This lifting operation received strong support from Eni. Referring to offshore lifting regulations, we conducted a detailed analysis and rigorous demonstration of the lifting plan, which ensured the safe implementation of this special lifting operation at the technical level. In addition, thanks to the meticulous deployment of large-scale construction leadership team and efficient coordination among project teams and various cross-function departments, the entire lifting operation was completed within 4 hours, with approximately a hundred pair of supporting/chocking systems mated perfectly."

The successful completion of the first SPB tank hoisting operation not only demonstrates the overall assembly capabilities of the Nantong base but also signifies that WNE's entire value chain from design, procurement, construction to installation is increasingly mature, further facilitating its transformation towards high-end, intelligent, green, and integrated development direction.

According to the plan, the Nantong yard will complete the installation of the remaining three SPB tanks for the Congo LNG project by the end of March.

About Wison New Energies

Wison New Energies is a leading provider of clean energy technology service and solutions, is committed to providing the energy industry with highly integrated EPCIC solutions, including floating LNG facilities, modularized LNG plant, floating gas-to-power facilities, floating wind power and other clean energy solutions. Based on a track-record of successful project delivery, the experienced Wison team applies its expertise in technical innovation and two world-class shipyards to provide EPC services that meet the highest international quality and safety standards.


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